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Article: Baby Shower Invitation Themes

Are you getting ready to host a baby shower? Planning the perfect event doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Deciding on a theme is half of the work. There are all kinds of ideas you can borrow from for inspiration to incorporate your theme into the invitations, decorations, games, food and favors. Just remember that the theme should mean something to the family. We’ve collected some of the most popular themes below to help you get started.

Animals are always appropriate. You can’t go wrong when you use baby animals as an inspiration for your baby shower theme. From dinosaurs to farm animals, you’re bound to find a baby animal that is perfect for your party. A baby dinosaur theme baby shower invitation could be perfect if the mom-to-be is expecting a baby bow. Circus animals such as elephants and monkeys are great for an active family. If the family appreciates life in the country, choose a farm animal. Or, for the nature-lovers, a woodland forest themed baby shower invitation may be best.

Celebrate a boy. For families who know they are having a boy or if you are hosting a couple’s baby shower, you may decide on a more masculine theme. Sports themed baby shower invitations are a great way to get men excited about and involved at a couples baby shower. Trains, fire trucks or pirate ships are also popular boy-themed baby shower themes.

Go modern. You can use simple colors and prints as a theme for your baby shower invitations and for the event. If the mom-to-be is a young, modern woman, think about modern prints and colors for your invitation. Damask prints and a modern color palate such as green and brown are appropriate for any gender baby.

Get into the holiday spirit. If you are hosting a baby shower around a holiday, use the holiday as inspiration for the theme of your baby shower invitations and the event. For the Fourth of July, use red, white and blue decorations. Serve barbeque and cheesecake for dessert to celebrate the all American baby. If the shower is in the fall, a pumpkin theme with orange, black and brown decorations will keep with the spirit of the season. If you are hosting a baby shower around Christmas, your decorating is already done for you! Send out Christmas themed baby shower invitations and coordinate games and favors that highlight the Christmas spirit.

A day at the beach. For baby showers in the summer or near the beach, a beach themed baby shower is a perfect fit. Host a luau complete with leis and fruit punch. Or use the ocean as your inspiration and pick a baby shower invitation with a seahorse, a starfish or an Under the Sea theme.

Keep with tradition. If the mom-to-be and the guest list tend to lean toward the conservative side, stick with a cute traditional theme. Pretty pastel colors with teddy bears, baby bottles, rubber ducks or even a cute stork baby shower invitation are perfectly adorable.  

Whatever theme you choose, remember to carry your theme from your invitations to your favors to thank you notes. Keeping a cohesive theme will be easier for you as a host to plan baby shower, and so much fun for your guests to attend the event!

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Nikki Heinrich lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and 2 children. She enjoys spending time with her family and in her spare time, loves to write and cook.