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Article: Baby Shower Invitations for Couples

Times are changing – and so are baby showers. Co-ed couples baby showers are gaining ground and guess what – the men love it! Some men might feel uncomfortable at first about the invite, but they are honored to be invited and excited to participate in the event. Many fathers-to-be welcome the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the pregnancy, including the baby shower. It helps them to get more excited about the new baby and is a fun get-together for friends and family to celebrate a new little baby.

The baby shower invitation sets the scene. Communicating that you are hosting a co-ed couples baby shower to your guests begins with the baby shower invitation and guest list. To make the men feel more comfortable, go easy on the pink and frilly invitations and choose something a little more masculine. Sports Themed Baby Shower Invitation or Farm Animal Themed Baby Shower Invitations are a great choice to keep the men feeling more comfortable. Or choose a Barbeque Themed Baby Shower Invitation or Beach Party Themed Baby Shower Invitation if it fits in with your theme.

Pay attention to the guest list. Don't just include the dad-to-be. Remember to invite grandfathers, uncles, cousins and friends of the father. Try to keep the men/women ratio as equal as possible.

It's all about the food. Let's face it; the best way to attract men is with great food. Build your menu to include some heartier fare than the traditional baby shower. Instead of teas sandwiches and vegetables, think about offering barbeque, burgers, and chips. Replace the punch bowl with beer and sodas.

Include Dad in the gifts. Make sure the parents-to-be open the gifts together to make the dad-to-be feel more a part of the party. It is also helpful to have some gifts specifically for dad. A delivery room survival kit with energy bars, bottled water and magazines will be appreciated for the long hours dad will spend with mom in the delivery room. A new diaper changing kit complete with a clothes pin and rubber gloves provides some comic relief.

Nontraditional games can be fun. Instead of guessing the size of the mom-to-be's belly with toilet paper, play baby themed Pictionary. Or set up a baby pool. Put dates surrounding the due date at the top and times down the side. Have guests "bet" on when the baby will be born and send the winner a gift card to a popular restaurant.

Choose your favors wisely. Women may think that the pacifier made from lifesavers and jelly beans is adorable, but the men probably just won't get it. When selecting favors for a co-ed couples baby shower, remember your audience. Keep the favors food-related by giving guests a Personalized Baby Shower Candy Bar Wrapper or a Personalized Mint Candy Tin. Or have Personalized Labels or Personalized Tags made to customize your own favor.

Attending and hosting a co-ed couples baby shower is a new experience for most. Couples baby showers are different events from the traditional girls-only baby showers. They tend to be like a small family party. There is less emphasis on games and more emphasis on food. It's about catching up with friends and family and just having fun.

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Nikki Heinrich lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and 2 children. She enjoys spending time with her family and in her spare time, loves to write and cook.