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Christmas Baby Shower Invites | Choosing Invitations for Christmas Baby Shower

If you are throwing a baby shower in December and are wondering what the theme of your event should be look no further! December is a great time to have a Christmas baby shower, your guests will already be in a festive mood and ready to celebrate. Now that you have the theme figured out we need to plan all the important parts of the event such as:

  • Appetizers, food and drinks
  • Decorations
  • Games
  • Where to have the event

But wait! First things first we need to get our guest list together and send out our Christmas baby shower invitations. On your quest for the "perfect baby shower invitation" you could find your local card store or even one of those big retail chains but most if not all of those places will either carry fill the blanks or they will need to be order and you will have to wait at least a few weeks for them to arrive at the store where you will then need to pick them up. Your best option would be to order them from an online retailer which is simple and straight forward and the best part is they will be shipped right your door!

How do you choose the right invitation supplier? Some important things to keep in mind when choosing the web site to make your Christmas baby shower invitations would be:

  1. Customer service you should be able to speak with a representative over the phone, email or online chat if you have any questions about a product.
  2. Matching products the website offers matching products such as thank you cards, banners, diaper cakes and favors
  3. Invitation proofing your invitation should be proofed by a human being who can catch 90% of the common mistakes such as
  • Missing dates and times
  • Missing event addresses
  • Registry info
  • RSVP to whom by when and how
  • Location of the event
  • Poor font and wording choices
  • Paper Weight

Paper weight, is very important you do not want your guests to get their invites and they feel flimsy and cheap. Invitations should be 80 lb -100 lb card stock. When you hold the invitation it should feel as stiff as a a baseball card.

Print quality is another important factor:
The printing of the invitation should be "full bleed" meaning the image and color should go all the way to the edges of the card. The print should be crisp and legible. During the order process you should have some font options (different types of text) as well as text color options. Getting back to the proofing process it is helpful if you choose a company that has your chosen invitation designed by a graphic designer who can help you choose the best font and text color as well as text placement so that your baby shower invitation looks great. Too many on line companies leave the entire design process up to the customer on their computer and when they receive their invitation they are disappointed with the choices they made.

So now we went over the basics of choosing the invitation provider let's talk Invite design

When you think about a Christmas baby shower the colors that come to mind will most likely be reds and greens after all it is a Christmas baby shower. I have good news for you, the basic Christmas colors are not your only choices why not use the above colors but add in different shades of blues, and greens and browns as well as white. And while we are on the topic of color my opinion on a Christmas baby shower colors are that they are gender neutral and will work for either a boy or girl. But lets not forget color is only the beginning of a good invitation.The two most important parts of the baby shower invite are the graphic and the words. For Christmas graphics we always think of Santa but he is NOT the star of this show! That would be the little one on the way so why not go with our adorable Christmas baby all decked out in his or her red or green Christmas outfit. If you are hung up on the gender thing we have our Santa's little elf Christmas baby shower invitations which is available in both a boy and girl dressed as only an elf should be dressed right down to the striped stockings and curled little shoes. One of our most popular Christmas baby shower themes this year is a polar express themed toy Choo Choo Train Christmas Baby Shower Invitation chugging down the tracks on a snowy winter day loaded with presents. Other options for a December baby shower would be Ginger bread girls and boys in rich browns with colorful red and white peppermint candies, rain deer invites and if you do not know the gender of the baby we offer a gender neutral Clothes Line Christmas Baby Shower Invitation in beautiful blues reds, and browns.

There are many options when it comes to Christmas Baby Shower Invitations and many colors to choose from, so enjoy the holiday season and spend time with your friends and celebrate the arrival of that special someone............................A New Baby!

Nick G. is part owner of Candles & Favors with his wife Lisa. They are always ready to plan a party!