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Diaper Cakes for a Girl Baby Shower | New Trends for Baby Shower Centerpieces

You are looking to purchase a diaper cake for a girl and are wondering where to begin. Below we here at Candles and Favors have listed some pointers to help you choose the right diaper cake.

First let's talk a little bit about the cake itself.

When organizing a baby shower many questions come to mind such as food, a baby shower theme, decorations, games and gifts for the mommy to be. One of the most practical decorations you can use at the baby shower also cleverly doubles as a very useful gift yep we are talking about the diaper cake! Now you are saying to your self "I am organizing the event and now I have to make a diaper cake?" Relax you have people to help ;-)
Your choices are to make it yourself which is not hard but can be a bit time consuming or you could have a friend make one or purchase one from a local store if you can find one that carries them. Your best bet for ordering a diaper cake for your next baby shower is the internet and since you are reading this on line let's assume this is what you are going to do.

When ordering from these types of places some things to watch out for are:

1. Cost most of the diaper cakes offered come with lots of other items in them (embellished) such as shampoo, towels and big stuffed animals. The issue with the embellishments are that you are assuming the mother to be will want to use specific types of products such as shampoos and lotions, not to mention you are paying a premium for these products including shipping due to weight.
Today new mothers are shifting to high quality natural products for their precious baby the above types of new mother baby gifts seem expensive and one sided and may be re-gifted or even thrown away!
2. What type of diapers are used, don't forget the cake is made of diapers. You will want to make sure the diaper cake is made of name brand diapers such as Pampers, Huggies or maybe even environmentally friendly diapers such as cloth.
3. Cleanliness, where was the diaper cake made? Was it in a clean area? Is the cake shrink wrapped so that it will stay clean? After all the only one who should be soiling the diapers is the baby!
4. Personalization is also very important aspect of the centerpiece the new Mom will absolutely love seeing her name and the date on her gift in pictures of the special day. She may want to keep all or just a portion of the diaper cake for her many trips down memory lane in the future with her growing daughter.

Now that we have given you the basics, let's talk diaper cake styles and current trends.
What colors should I choose for my diaper cake for the new baby girl?
When one thinks about a baby shower for a girl usually pink comes to mind but that isn't your only choice, why not bring more than one color in?
You could do combinations such as pink and brown or red, yellow and green but more than likely the colors of your shower will be pulled from your theme. When choosing the theme some things to consider are how the babies room is being decorated, colors or animals the mom and dad like, professions of the parents or maybe where the event is being held such as a spa or a beach. You could choose to go with a modern theme or stick with something more classic and funny like "pickles and ice cream" one last thing you could choose for your theme would be a specific holiday like fourth of July if the event is a summer baby shower or Christmas or Hanukah if it is a December baby shower.

Some of our most popular diaper cakes for a girl baby shower that we consider to be classic themes are:

1. Ready to pop diaper cake with classic red and black trim with hints of yellow popcorn. This classic theme has a silhouette of a mom holding her belly.
2. Pickles and ice cream diaper cake with dark browns and bright yellows with yes....a preggy mom eating pickles and ice cream.
4. Sweet pea - pea in a pod diaper cake a true classic with light greens and a cute little baby girl popping out of a modern pea pod.

Some of our most popular diaper cakes for a girl baby shower that you may want to consider are:

1. Little Peanut diaper cake with an adorable elephant holding a little girl with lite pinks and grays.
2. Modern Baby diaper cake with a cute retro crawling baby in beautiful shades of lite green and browns.
3.Under the sea floatie girl diaper cake with blues, tans and pinks this stylish little baby girl is having a great day at the beach!
4. Ladybug diaper cake available in both red and pink with green and yellow undertones. 

"I would like a Personalized Baby Shower Diaper Cake for a Girl, I need the colors changed, I want it fast and I don't want to spent lots of money!"
Some things I would like you to walk away from here are that you have lots of choices when it comes to diaper cakes. You can totally have it personalized with exactly what you want to say and you don't need to spend money on embellishments that the mommy to be will never use on her precious child. You should be able to get a diaper cake just the way YOU what it and with name brand diapers. The baby shower centerpiece should be assembled in a clean environment and sealed in shrink wrap. If you don't see the colors or graphic you want the company should have graphic designers on staff who can make or alter a design to your liking.

Basically you should use a company such as Candles & Favors who can do all of the above ;-)

All of our Personalized Diaper Cakes are available in multiple tiers to fit your budget and ship quickly personalized.  

Nick G. Is part owner of  Candles & Favors with his wife Lisa. Nick is always ready for party or to plan a party!