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Baseball Birthday Party Invitation | How to hoose a Baseball Birthday Party Invitation

If you are planning a birthday party for your child and trying to find a theme that is versatile and fun try throwing an Baseball Themed Birthday Party. There are many ways to incorporate the baseball theme into your party via decorations, favors and paper goods. The first and perhaps most important step is choosing a Baseball Themed Birthday Invitation that you love.

A birthday invitation is the first form of correspondence your guest will see with regard to your child’s party. It is important to choose an invitation that is eye catching and fun, while still reflecting your child and their hobbies. With the increasing popularity of major league baseball and some of its superstar players, more and more people are choose baseball themed birthday parties.

One of the first things you should do, is choose a color scheme for your party and try to find an invitation that will fall into that scheme. If you find a sporty baseball themed invitation that you absolutely love, you may want to tailor your color scheme to fit that invitation, as not all invitations have various color options. The great thing about choosing a baseball themed birthday invitation is that it does not have to be overtly masculine and the colors can range from boyish to bright colorful and unisex.

When choosing a baseball themed birthday invitation try to figure out the type of invitation you are looking for. Do you want something whimsical and cartoon-ish? Or perhaps you want something a little more stylish and sophisticated to go with a particular age group. There are many options that can be utilized for either type of invitation. The baseball theme can really be used for any birthday party from a first birthday to a 60th birthday. It is after all, America’s favorite past-time.

If you are looking for a whimsical invitation, whether for a small child’s party or an older/teenager’s party, it is best to choose something that is colorful and eye appealing. Cartoon-ish children or babies dressed as baseball players are often seen in sports themed birthday invitations. These type of invitations are very popular right now as they appeal to the young as well as the old. Particularly young children can use the “little slugger” play on words to incorporate their theme.

If you are looking for a more sophisticated and mature western birthday party invitation, try choosing less color and more design elements. Silhouette invitations are very popular right now and often feature few colors and contrasting shades. Rather than a cartoon baseball player a simple bat, glove and ball could signify a sports themed party. This Baseball Themed Birthday Invitation utilizes the brown and green color scheme which can be unisex and apply to just about any age group.

No matter which invitation you choose for your western themed birthday party, remember that guests will get a first glimpse into your special day by opening their invitation. Choose a design that fits “you” and is something that guests will remember and talk about for a long time to come. Accessorize your party with matching address labels, stickers and western themed thank you cards to complete your party from start to finish.

This article was written by Jessica Kalagassy of Candles and Favors, a one stop shop where you will find Baseball Themed Birthday Party items.