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Article: Ideas for Baby Shower Invitations For Twins
  As more and more women are seeking medical intervention to help conceive, the number of multiple births has nearly tripled in the last 20 years. Whatever the reason may be, having twins is not as  "shocking" and rare as it used to be. Whether you've had help conceiving, or are having twins by sheer coincidence, you need a baby shower invitation that reflects the wonderful double journey you are about to embark on.

 Perhaps the hugest trend in baby shower invitations for twins right now is the "peas in a pod" theme. This idea can be a wonderful motif throughout your whole shower and/or pregnancy. Traditionally in a green and yellow motif, "peas in a pod" is a perfect gender neutral theme that can encompass either parents who do not know the sexes of the babies, or male/female twin combos. "Peas in a pod" invitations come in a variety of styles, with invitations for Caucasian, African American, and Asian families. You can even find "peas in a pod"invitations for triplets which is another fast growing trend. There are some really cute favors and decorations to match the "peas in a pod" theme, and it is by far the most popular idea for baby shower invitations for twins. 

 Another great idea for a twin baby shower invitation is the "Noah's Ark" theme. As the story goes, Noah took two of every animal with him on the ark. The idea that there are only two of each animal fits in beautifully with the fact that you will be bringing two very special little "animals" into the world. The "Noah's Ark" baby shower invitation also capitalizes on the growing popularity of animal baby shower invitations. Avialable in a variety of styles, these invitations can feature your favorite animal and your impending double bundle of joy.

 Some parents opt for twin baby shower invitations that feature simple baby caricatures and cartoons. This can be a wonderful idea for parents who are intending to highlight the gender of their babies. Two blue or pink diapered babies can show your cutesy side while still letting guests know that you are expecting either all boys or all girls. For the parents having a male/famle combo, there are blue and pink invitations that have equal gender representation on the invitation. And of course, there are the green and yellow or orange diapered cartoon babies to suggest that the genders are either secret or unknown. 

 Other popular ideas for twin baby shower invitations are play on words to highlight the fact that there will be two of everything from now on. Pears are a cute theme which can evoke many adorable sayings for your invitation wording, such as "What a pair!" and "A pair of miracles!". Another idea is to use the word/number "2" and have that appear prominently on the invitation. Contrasting elements are also an idea for twin shower invitations. Salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, and Dr. Suess' Thing 1 and Thing 2 are a great way to showcase your babies' growing independence from one another while still remaining close. 

 Whatever you choose for your twin baby shower invitation, make sure it fits your style the general theme of the shower. Some moms-to-be just pick traditional baby shower invitations and just simply state that it will be a "twin" shower. Either way, there are plenty of options readily available for the moms of multiples, and their double blessings. 

 This article was written by Jessica Kalagassy of Candles and Favors. Candles and Favors is a family-owned and operated Party Authority that provides high-quality baby shower invitations, party favors, Baby Shower Candle Favors and Baby Shower Stickers to help you plan the perfect event.