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Who Pays for the Bridal Shower?

It is traditional for the bride’s Maid of Honor to hold a bridal shower for her close friend. It is also etiquette that she pays for all expenses. The shower can be held anywhere, from someone’s home, to a hall to a restaurant, but the costs have to be covered by the Maid of Honor.

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Under the Sea Theme

Under the Sea Baby Shower Theme Sand, surf and sun – the perfect inspiration for the perfect baby shower. Whether you are hosting a baby shower in the summer, or just want to warm up in the cold winter months, an Under the Sea baby shower theme is a perfect choice ..

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Free Baby Shower Games

When friends and family who want to celebrate the conception of new life come together at a baby shower, games are a fantastic way to bring the party together. People who don’t know each other very well can get to ..

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