Baby Shower Tea Party Theme

Not sure what theme to choose for your baby shower? How about something classy, sweet and even gender neutral? Want an invitation that celebrates the mom-to-be and her likes and interests. Then look no further…the tea party baby shower theme is the perfect theme for your next shower for either yourself or someone you are throwing it for.

As many moms today are opting for themes and decorations that speak for the mother-to-be’s style and not necessarily the baby’s, we are seeing more and more of a push towards classy, girly themes. Just because you are having a boy, does not necessarily mean you must have a blue/boyish shower invitation and decorations. One of the most popular themes available now that is gender-neutral and still girly is the tea party baby shower theme.

The tea party baby shower can be taken quite literally as many women are opting for quaint, small showers at actual tea rooms or tea “houses”. These delightful showers are a modern take on a traditional idea. Guests of all ages will appreciate and enjoy your shower from start to finish. What better way to keep your theme cohesive, than to have invitations, thank yous, decorations, candle favors and personalized labels all with the tea party theme of your choice.

An adorable and whimsical take of the tea party baby shower theme is the Baby Brewing Tea Party Baby Shower Invitation at Candles and Favors. The complete line of products showcases a feminine tea pot, cups, saucers and cupcake/cake treats. The color palate is warm and girly, which is perfect for moms-to-be who are expressing their style in their theme and decorations. It is also a great way to add a traditional touch for the modern mom.

The Baby Brewing Tea Party Baby Shower invitation is available in 5×7 inch or petite size for the perfect invitation to fit your needs. Having a tea party themed baby shower can be easily achieved when choosing this design as many complimenting elements are available such as thank you cards and candy bar wrappers.

Often it is hard for women to find baby shower themes that they find to be classy without being cliche. Not every mom-to-be wishes to showcase storks, rattles and cartoon babies. For the mom who is looking for a feminine theme with a sophisticated elegance, the tea party theme is a perfect hybrid of the two. Colors and fonts can be bold or soft to suit your style and set the tone for the entire shower.

No matter what theme you choose for your baby shower, you want to choose something that will have guests intrigued from the very first minute they open your invitation to the last time they open your thank you card. Choosing a tea party themed invitation is a wonderful option for exactly that.

This article was written by Jessica Kalagassy of Candles and Favors. Candles and Favors is a family-owned and operated Party Authority that provides high-quality baby shower invitations, party favors, Baby Shower Candle Favors and Baby Shower Stickers to help you plan the perfect event.