Infographic for our round sticker sizes

We get asked all the time, how big is your two-inch sticker? So we always start with can you take a ruler and draw a plus sign and then draw the circle around. By that point, the customer is like, what????

It is so hard to find something in our shop that a customer might have in their home. So we created an illustration to help our customers to figure out what size sticker they need for their party favor.

Round Sticker


This image is not true to size but pretty close. We offer 9 round sticker sizes.

  • .75 is the size of a dime
  • 1.0 is the size of a quarter
  • 1.2 is the size of a half dollar
  • 1.5 is the size of 3 dimes
  • 1.67 is the size of 2 dimes and 1 nickel
  • 2.0 is the size of 2 quarters and 1 nickel
  • 2.25 is the size of 3 quarters and 1 nickel
  • 2.50 is the size of 4 quarters and 1 dime
  • 3.3 is the size of 7 quarters and 3 dimes

And to recap here are the details for each sticker size:

  • .75 has 108 stickers per sheet
  • 1.0 has 63 stickers per sheet
  • 1.2 has 48 stickers per sheet
  • 1.5 has 30 stickers per sheet
  • 1.67 has 24 stickers per sheet
  • 2.0 has 12 stickers per sheet
  • 2.25 has 9 stickers per sheet
  • 2.50 has 9 stickers per sheet
  • 3.33 has 6 stickers per sheet

So the next time you need to figure out what size you need, look in your couch for some change! We hope this helps you to figure out which size you will need for your party favor. Check back soon for more helpful tips on how to be a party planner superstar.