Baby Shower Personalized Round Stickers

Baby Shower Personalized Round Stickers are such a great way to add that special touch to your party favor. Whether it is a handmade item or store bought, adding a personalized sticker completes your favor.

I remember as a kid growing up without technology, my collection of stickers. They were either puffy, scratch n sniff, movable eyes. They came in all different shapes and sizes. I carried my book with me everywhere cause you never knew when you were going to add to your collection.

Baby Shower events can be very expensive. Usually, the items needed are broken up between the hostesses. So if you get chosen to provide the favors to the guest we created a list of ideas that incorporate our Baby Shower Round Stickers.

Here are our top ten items that our Baby Shower Round Stickers would be great on for your next baby shower:

  1. Homemade cookies in a plastic clear bag with curly ribbon
  2. Lollipop suckers adorned with a cute bow
  3. Candy Jars filled with matching colors
  4. Truffle / Chocolate Box
  5. Travel Candle Tins
  6. Treat Bags filled with theme items
  7. Mason Jar filled with your favorite bakey reciepe
  8. Beverage Cups to deocrate the table
  9. Popcorn Containers
  10. Cupcake Toppers

We are pleased to offer six different size Baby Shower Personalized Round stickers.

  • 1.2 inch circle – 48 stickers per set.
  • 1.5 inch circle – 30 stickers per set.
  • 1.67 inch circle – 24 stickers per set.
  • 2.0 inch circle – 12 stickers per set.
  • 2.25 inch circle – 12 stickers per set.
  • 3.3 inch circle – 6 stickers per set.

Round Sticker Options

We would love to see how you use our Baby Shower Personalized Round Stickers for your next event. Send us a email with the photo.

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